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[Engage, Improve and Prosper]


In today’s ever-changing business environment, growth and diversification both play a major role in ensuring the business remains competitive and sustainable.


However, sometimes the pressures and demands of a business dictate that your efforts focus more on immediate issues such as productivity, costs, and margins leaving little or no time available for you to consider the longer-term goals and aspirations of the business for growth and diversification.


111 Business Solutions can help you develop strategic options and roadmaps to get you where you need to be.


Through researching markets, benchmarking competitors and harnessing the creativity and innovation within your workforce, we can help you redefine what is possible and create viable options to enhance and add value to your long-term business strategy.


[Engage, Improve and Prosper]

It is widely reported that the majority of change management projects fail. Reasons for this vary from business to business, but one common prerequisite is the need for management and the workforce to take ownership of the processes and work together to bring about any change in an effective and sustainable way.


The workers are often those best placed to help identify inefficiencies and other issues, innovate solutions and make lasting changes that can improve outcomes for the business. With good leadership and the right company culture, the workforce can become the primary driver of business success and sustainability.

111 Business Solutions
Can assist when you are:

  • trying to predict what the future might hold for the business and need fresh ideas and new perspectives.

  • looking for ways to manage, supervise and minimize the impact of scaling back existing activities.

  • looking to establishing new business lines or looking to dispose of, merge or acquire business units or competitors.

  • needing to sense check proposals and plans before making big decisions because you are looking to implement change or invest more capital.

  • seeing changes in the markets and with competitors.

  • sensing an opportunity to involve the workforce more in developing and executing new long-term business strategies and plans.

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